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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A whole lot of Normal

So my life has been busy and boring, all at the same time!

Not a lot going on since my last post. Just the basics, a few doctors appointments, hanging out with friends, having a good time, and then there's the trying to find a home for Cameron and I, as well as starting to freak out a little about school.

Cameron and I had found a house, and we both were head of heels in love with it. Then the mold inspection came back... oh boy... so now we're heart-broken and shopping again for houses. Unfortunately, all of the buffered time we had before I started school again is gone, so we're under a deadline to find a house now. The last thing in the world that I want to be doing is moving while trying to get use to going to school again. ick.

And while I'm talking about school, I am about as nervous as one can be about going back. I've been out of school for about, oh... 3 years now. And it's not like I was out of school and working during that time, well.. I was working, but in a completely different sense of the word. My job was taking care of myself and that was almost too much of a job for me to do by myself. Thank God for great families :) But anyway, I can already feel the anxiety building with school approaching. I have 2 months left before I start still... and my personality is to take the next 2 months and fret over it until the week before, and then I go into full panic mode. After I get through my first day, I know I'll be fine... but it's just getting through that first day. blah.

But that's all that's been going on. As soon as I have anything else going on, I'll be sure to post it, but until then.... <3

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just a normal update

I really am going to try and post more often. It helps keep me a little more sane :).
So since my last update post, I've been busy! Mid-April Cam and I went to Indianapolis for the midwest CF consortium for social workers and nutritionalist. I was part of the panel discussion and got to meet some really cool CFers. We were all post transplant and I am finding, the further out I get from transplant, that I am starting to crave talking to others who are in the transplant know. I also got to meet Tiffany Christenson who wrote the book "sick girl speaks!" Which is fabulous! The book is neither about CF nor transplant, but references them both throughout.

I also met Sam, a fellow Cincinnatian, and her parents. All were so nice, and I felt honored to be on the panel with each of them.

Next was the CF walk. My team wasn't as successful as years past, but I walked most of it this year, and that's what really mattered to me!! It was a beautiful day and Sam got to cut the ribbon. I was so excited for her. Her dad took a picture of the two of us, and I'm axiously waiting for them to put it on facebook :)

Finally, Cameron and I are house shopping, so I've been a little busy! It's a fine balance betweeen what we can afford and what we're willing to put into a house. A lot of the houses we've looked at have been "handyman specials" which is kind of frightening :).

Oh! And I saw Dr. Trapnell last week and my lung function is at 70% - the highest it's been post-transplant! I figure if I really start trying to work out, I can get it higher. Maybe this is the motivation I've needed all along, especially since dance is coming to an end this weekend. Come see me in the recital if you can! :).