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Saturday, May 30, 2009


The biopsy came back Friday afternoon... no rejection again :) Always nice to have a little bit of sunshine after such crappy news on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

15 Weeks Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks 15 weeks since I've been transplanted. It's weird how it doesn't seem like it's been that long, but at times it feels like it's been forever. Then at the same time, my mind wonders when the transplant is going to happen. Guess it's good that my body doesn't recognize what is going on... it just accepts the new lungs as the old and goes on with living.

I got back from Cleveland again last night. It was my 3 month appointment with a bronchoscopy. It was a fairly good visit. I had a chest CT and Dr. Budev said that my lungs looked "stunning" which of course made Dad and I smile. My kidney function and liver function are both completely normal, which means my body is tolerating the drugs well. The only downside to the drugs is the fact that my hair is thinning, but she said that if I drink knox gel mixed with some OJ that it'll help my overall hair/nails/skin health.

My chest xray and CT both showed that I have fluid around my left lung again. I also had a decrease in my lung function which they've contributed to the fluid. Except, they're thinking it's not really fluid in the liquid sense. Turns out that the fluid has solidified and now requires surgery to remove. I thought I was done with all of this surgery and falling lung function garbage. Oh well, maybe after this one, right? The surgery is tentatively scheduled for the week of June 8. I'll post later with the results of the biopsy - here's hoping that it's negative and there's no rejection :D

Monday, May 4, 2009

All the Results

So I'm going to backtrack a little here. I forgot to post about my first appointment with Dr. Trapnell since transplant :)

My weight was down (98lbs) since I'd been so sick. The Tuesday before my appointment I spent the afternoon in the ER getting IV fluids and anti-nausea meds. I wasn't even able to keep water down that day... ack! So I got a prescription for dissolvable anti-nausea pills and those helped to at least get my meds and a little bit of food down. Cleveland had also stopped my Cellcept which they think was the culprit. My lung function is still holding at about 63% and I couldn't be happier!!

The following Monday was when I got the phone call from Cleveland saying that they wanted to admit me. I had my bronch on Tuesday, came home Wednesday. On Friday they called and told me that I had (*drum roll*) No Rejection!! Plus, the fluid from my pleural effusion (the fluid around my lung that they tapped) didn't have any signs of yeast yet. Keep your fingers crossed that those results stay the same!! It takes a long time for yeast to grow, so there's still a possibility that it could show up but I've decided that it's not going to grow anymore ;)

I went for my bloodwork today and my white blood count is still climbing - I'm at 4 now. Remember 7-10 is "normal" so I'm half-way there! I should be allowed to go into public without a mask as of Friday (it marks 3 month post-tx) but I may keep it a while longer with that count being so low. But I'm definitely ready to be without that mask and not have people staring so much. Especially right now with the whole swine flu scare stuff. I guess I really SHOULD keep my mask though with all of this going on... Oh well, gotta have SOMETHING to complain about :P