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Friday, July 24, 2009

Lots to report in on....

A lot has happened since June 8th when I had my surgery. I spent a total of 10 days in the hospital after that surgery when they gave me my last dose of pain meds and sent me home. That was on a Wednesday and Thursday morning I woke up in my own bed at home in agony. We ended up taking me to Children's emergency room for pain meds. They got me under control and then transported me to University hospital. If anyone has ever seen my face when I hear about that hospital, you'll know how much I hate it.

I was released on Saturday and arrived back home at 3:10. My "Yay Lungs" party started at 3 that day. It was an amazing party and I'm still trying to write thank you notes to those who attended. We had over 100 people show up - including Dr. Trapnell and his son. It was so touching to see everyone there, even though I was drugged up to the moon at that point. I did well for about a week and then Thursday rolled around again.

I woke up and couldn't get my pain under control again. I went back to Children's ED (They were starting to recognize me at this point - never a good sign) and after much talking, Mom and I drove to Cleveland to let them take care of things. I spent another 10 days there where they started some other drugs that were to help with pain and suggested maybe a nerve block would be the best course of action. My white blood cells were also improving slightly so there was no need for the bone marrow sample (THANK GOD!! I've seen 2 at St. Elizabeth and almost fainted during one... and if anyone knows me well enough knows that I have a sick fascination with surgery/procedure things so for this to get to me, it must be huge!) They got my pain and most of my nausea under control and sent me home. I got home on July 4th just in time to see my neighbors set off fireworks. Awww... fireworks for my homecoming :P

Now this time I only made it to Wednesday and I couldn't stop throwing up. I was taking the pain meds regularly and they caused my GI system to slow down to the point I couldn't take anything by mouth since I was already so full. So back to the Children's ED I go. They gave me pain meds IV again and then put mucomyst through my gtube. Now... For those out there that know, mucomyst is disgusting on it's own being inhaled... but in the gtube... *shudders* it's horrible!! It smells of rotten eggs and if you get the pleasure of getting sick on it, it tastes exactly how you would think it would... horrid. But, it did the trick and I was able to have a good bowel movement. That wasn't enough to make them happy though, so they admitted me and I then had GoLytely pumped into my gtube for the next 2 days. Now I know the general population knows what that is and it's effects. Finally Saturday they allowed me to eat... that grilled cheese and tomato soup and cottage cheese and applesauce never tasted so good in my life! I continued to eat like a little piggy all day Sunday.

Sunday night Cameron and I were able to make it to the last showing of Mamma Mia! which was amazing. We had box seats that were fairly high up and close to the stage. We could see everything and had so much fun! Nothing like cutting close twice with admissions and previously planned events!

Now I'm home and starting to get back to a normal routine. I made dinner the other night, which felt great to be cooking again! Dance classes will be starting up again soon and next week I'm re-joining my gym. They have trainers for free at this gym that help you get started with all of the machines, so that'll be nice. I'm just so excited that this is all behind me and that I can get some good use out of these lungs now!! Watch out world, here I come!!