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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A little sunshine will do you good

So this increase in prednisone is killing me! I can't seem to stop eating and it's making my blood sugars so hard to control. Oh well, if a few extra shots means I gain a few extra pounds, so be it. It can only mean that I get this button out quicker, right?

The 9th was Cameron's birthday and we celebrated by going to P.F. Chang's for dinner. We ate so much food but I was still hungry when we left. Go figure. But that was the extent of what we did. We're trying to save our money so we can go to New Mexico to visit his family. I don't know if that's going to happen though with all of the flu things going on, my center is a little timid about me traveling. Especially with my white blood count doing funny things.

My WBC was low when I had all of my blood levels checked Tuesday, so they wanted it re-checked when I went for my yearly labs on Friday. I also had my full yearly PFT that day and my lung function has increased again! I'm now at 67%, which makes me almost tear up since it's been so long since I've seen those numbers and felt this good. To have a test show that makes all of the struggles I've gone through completely worth it. But anyway, the WBC came back a little higher, but they weren't able to do a differential (tell what kind of white blood cells there are) because the sample was too degraded. Lab error. I understand that this can happen, but dammit!! So Cleveland wanted me to repeat my labs Tuesday. I talked to them today and they said that my prograf levels were high and they had wanted me to have all of the blood tests redrawn, not just the CBC, so back to the lab I go on Monday to be poked again. Just what everyone wants to hear :)

Last Thursday Cameron and I were able to get out of the house and go to a play. We saw Sleuth at Playhouse in the Park. It was good, but I don't think I could see it again. The part that made it good was not knowing what was going to happen next so I think it's a see it once kinda of play.

Sunday I went the to renaissance festival with Adrianne and Sherri. I had never been to it before, so it was nice to finally be able to go and do all of that walking. I was tired after, but I like being this kind of tired. It's so much more rewarding than being tired from simply breathing!

And here's the best news : I took my first full dance class in 5 years!! That was Monday night and I was by far the worst in the class... all of my technique has disappeared! The important thing though is that I was there and I wasn't that short of breath and I finished it!! I'm still so sore though!! Back for more classes tomorrow night and then again Friday afternoon. Kelly and I are in the middle of picking out a song to do a duet to, which I'm pumped about!

Oh, and my neighbor's sister's results have all come back negative! It's been a very good week :) Beautiful sunshine and wonderful news all around!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So much has happened in the last month. It started out great with being able to go to a Red's game with Cameron and Jesse - a friend from WKU. They lost pretty bad, but I had a blast,even though I ripped my jeans falling on a curb! Cam and I went to his wedding a few months ago and it was great to be able to see him since he lives farther away.

A couple weeks after that I made my first road trip without a ton of medical supplies. It kind of made me giddy to just have a tiny duffle bag :) I went up tp Columbus to visit my friend Michelle. Other than the meds making me feel super sick when I was heading back home, it was a wonderful trip!

Once I got home I repacked for Cleveland for my 6 month visit/bronch/biopsy. I had such nerves going in to that visit but everything went fine during the exam. When I got home my Mom told me that one of my CF friends was sick and on a vent. His name is Danny and had his transplant almost 2 years ago. The following day Cleveland called and told me I was in the early stages of rejection again. Nothing big, just increased my prednisone and I have to go back October 2 for a repeat bronch to make sure it clears.

That Friday my boys came in from WKU and we all went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. It was so much fun to see all of them (4 guys and me for dinner - kind of interesting) and it reminded me of how much I miss seeing them all the time like I did at school. The bad side to the night was I was home just a few hours after dinner sick in the bathroom. It was either food poisoning or a "gallbladder" attack. I say that in quotes because I no longer have one, but that's what it felt like. I spent the rest of the next day puking and in bed. Oh, did I fail to mention that it was my 25th birthday that day? Happy freaking Birthday! I felt better on Sunday and we celebrated everything then. I was even able to blow out all 25 candles on my cake in one breath - because I GOT NEW LUNGS!! It was awesome :)

Found out recently that my neighbor's sister has breast cancer so please keep her and her family in your prayers. Also, keep Danny's family in your prayers - his funeral was today. That's all I can really talk about those things, it's all still too new, too close, and too painful right now.

That's all of things for now. I should have more next week after a few more doctor appointments, Cameron's birthday and a play. Gotta stay busy and keep my mind off things. I may have to find a job to keep this much off my mind :)