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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, Hell.

So I've just about had it with my luck. Or maybe I should look at this situation as I should start playing the lottery.

So after my last entry, I continued dance classes. My muscles aren't liking me too much, but oh well. I missed classes on Thursday and Friday because I had to go back up to Cleveland. This time was to have a repeat bronch to check to make sure my rejection had cleared. I still don't have the results of this, but I was rewarded with a hospital stay.

On our way home Friday, after the bronch, I felt a little sore. I figured it was just from the biopsy and got in the car and fell asleep. When Mom and I got home, she woke me up and the pain had gotten worse. Wonderful. So I called the clinic to see what they thought I should do. "Go to your nearest ER and get 2 chest x-rays, you probably have a pneumothorax" Great! So Mom and I get back into the car and go to the Children's Liberty campus. They know me well there now...

Sure enough, the doctor came back in and I have a slight pneumothrorax - collapsed lung in fancy terms. After talking with Cleveland, they decided that best course of action was for me to be admitted for observation and to recheck my xray in the morning. I breathed a sigh of relief because they weren't talking about placing a chest tube... which is what I was expecting. So Saturday afternoon comes, it's time for the xray and I can't sit up in my own bed let alone move to a wheelchair. They had to transport me to xray in my hospital bed. I always feel so embarrassed being transported in my bed, I don't know why, just do. But we got the films and surprise, not only has the pneumothorax worsened, I now have fluid building up on the right lung. Fan-freakin'-tastic!

At that point they decided that they were going to observe me one more night and that they would give me real pain meds, not just a couple of tylenol. So once the morphine kicked in I was able to finally lay on my back. Up until that point the only comfortable position was on my left side. Sunday they made the decision that Cleveland wanted me up there, so transport was being arranged. I had an ambulance take me to Lunken airport, the plane flew me up the 40 minute flight, and then an ambulance from the airport in Cleveland to the hospital.

So now I'm back here at Cleveland Clinic. My blood culture results showed that I have some bacterial infection going on, so I'm back on IV antibiotics. Hopefully I'll be able to get home and away from the germy hospital Thursday, but we'll see. Next week I'll resume dance, I've been tutoring my neighbor after school for homework help, and I'll be starting back at Wendy's. Yes, I said it, I'm going back to Wendy's to work. What can I say, I'm poor and I'm bored and I know the manager will take care of me there! I just have to make under $980 a month and it won't touch my benefits at all.

There's more details, but I'm tired and this is getting long. I think it covers the general idea of what I've gone through this last week. Just gotta keep my head above water for right now! right?!