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Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh wow, this is hard work!

So instead of studying, I've decided to update my blog a little. I know... it's been forever since I've done this. I've been a little busy :)

Cameron and I have been slowly making plans for our wedding. The date that we want is June 7, 2013, and we are looking at venues now to find one that fits us, our budget and our date. That's been a bit of a challenge for the budget part. There's just so many details that I didn't realize that I'd be having to deal with. Every spare chance I have, I'm looking at things online. Right now I'm on a flower and invitation kick. Found a few flowers I like, but hoping that they won't cost me a fortune to get them.

I think I'm going to go simple for my bridesmaids bouquets. They'll be wearing purple dresses and I think I either want tiger lilies or tulips in orange for them to carry. With it being a June wedding, both should be in season, so not too bad for price and being able to find them. I want my bouquet to have orange and purple in it. It'd also be nice to have a good amount of green in it too to fill it out a little. But I dunno. I feel a little silly spending the amount that I'm going to be spending on flowers which will just die.... oh well. It's all about the pictures, right? haha

I do have my dress and my shoes though, so the important part of the wedding is taken care of :).

I've been working my way through the last year of school. It has not been easy at all. Last quarter I took Intro to CLS (an introductory course to the program which explains how the lab is set up, accreditation and lab techniques), Hematology I and II, and Clinical Chemistry. It was the hardest quarter of school I've ever had to go through! But, I did manage to make the Dean's List!! I have never been so proud of myself :)

This quarter is looking to be just as hard, if not harder. I'm in Clinical Immunology II, Clinical Practicum I, and Clinical Parasitology right now. In a couple of weeks, we'll take a couple weeks off Practicum and do Hemostasis and Urinalysis. Also, at some point, we're going to cover our Senior Seminar class. Not really sure how that is going to go, but I figure it shouldn't be too bad. My practicum site is awesome! I'm in the hematology department right now and have been running the machines and really getting good hands-on experience. I now know that this is what I want to do, and that makes me feel a little better about my choice of degrees. It would be rather frustrating if I were to go through this year and then find out when I got in the field that I hated it.

That's the basics of what's been going on with me... not much to talk about, but my days are pleasantly filled. I have my dogs, my fiance, and my health. Couldn't ask for much more right now :)