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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16th- weathering another bump

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've written on the blog. This is Becky, Jennifer's mom. We are in Cleveland Clinic and have been since June 8th. Actually came in on Sunday evening, for her surgery. She had fluid in the plural area that had gelled, so they originally were going to go in laproscopic and remove it. When they got in, they had to make a bigger incision (about 5-6 inches) and go in, scrape and peel it out of the area. She has been in severe pain and taking iv pain relievers, oral and using a lidocaine patch along with a fentanyl patch. The pain has bee so bad, that it causes her to have nausea, so they are giving her meds. for that also. She had 3 chest tubes, but now is down to 1, and waiting to have that removed. Hopefully, if not today, they can take it out tomorrow. Just speculating, so not sure. They want to do the angiogram to prove that the BAR procedure they did when she had the lung transplant, worked, so that is today, sometime this afternoon. It was supposed to be yesterday, but didn't happen. They also found that her red blood cells aren't producing fast enough or at all and her white blood cells are low. They gave her a shot for the white blood cells yesterday and that has made it normal. The red blood cells, they have called hemotology in to decide what to do about that. They did blood smears, but it just showed they were low. They have discussed doing a bone marrow test, and Jennifer is less than thrilled about that. Still waiting on the hemotology Dr's to come in. This was supposed to be a 3-5 day stay. They didn't know the surgery would be like it was, so that isn't any one's fault. The angiogram being pushed to today, not sure what happened. I think Dr. Budev saw on my face though that I've had enough and so has Jennifer. I went to buy more clothes to get me through the next day or two and hopefully we will go home. In the meantime, Jennifer is sleeping, which is the best thing for her right now. Hopefully, she will be ready for her party on Sat. In the meantime, we're just waiting.....